Meet The Awesome People behind Dimples In My Balls

About Us

One day, we met at a golf event and talked about different aspects of this sport. Over the days, we thought of establishing a website where we would discuss research and reviews about this game.

We are a group of golf enthusiasts who want to share what we know about this sport. We want to deliver reliable reviews and recommendations for those who are interested in this game. We do a lot of research out of passion, and of course, to make sure you get the valuable tips and guides.

Carson Jones Founder

Carson is the founder of Dimples In My Balls. Playing golf has become a pastime, and here he met some people who are also passionate about this sport.

Michael Stein Content Writer

Michael is a sports enthusiast and enjoys playing golf too. He got 5 dogs and loves playing video games. He's the content writer at Dimples In My Balls.

Martina Cash Designer

Martina is a golf lover, a former personal trainer who is obsessed with collecting candles. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course. 

John Taylor Editor

Johnny is a 29-year-old local activist who enjoys walking, painting, watching television, and playing golf during weekends. He is the editor here at Dimples In My Balls.