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The best golf bag can be both stylish, flexible and make it much easier for you when you are out on the golf course. 

A golf bag is what holds and protects your clubs and all the accessories you may need. Today, you can choose from different variants—two of the most popular are a carrier bag and a trolley bag. 

However, which option is best? This is something each person must decide for themselves. There is a lot you need to know before you can find the right golf bag for you.

Here, we selected three products that we consider to be among the best. Hopefully, one of them will be suitable for you. 

Important to Keep in Mind When Buying a Golf Bag

We have also gathered the most important information you should know before you go through with the purchase, so we recommend reading this before choosing a golf bag. 

Here you will find information about different models of golf bags, what a 14-piece top means, and much more.

It is also not uncommon to have questions about the product you are interested in. Because of this, we have also collected the answers to the most common questions a little further down. 

Important to Keep in Mind When Buying a Golf Bag

Before deciding on a product, you should first think about what you need. How many pockets? Do you want a carrying bag or a trolley bag? How much are you willing to pay? Once you have the answers to these questions, you should look.

We hope that one of the golf bags we have included in our list is the best for you, but if they do not feel right, we hope this buying guide can lead you on the right path. 

Another thing that can be good to keep in mind is that a golf bag should last for a long time. So take a close look at the quality and characteristics of your golf bag before making your purchase.

Price of Golf Bag

The price can vary depending on the type of golf bag you want to buy, the features it offers, and the brand behind the bag. 

You should keep in mind that golf bags that sound too cheap to be true are probably so. You should invest in a high-quality golf bag costing a little more instead of buying a cheap one that may break after a few uses. 

Carry bags, and the smaller models are usually cheaper compared to trolley bags. Another detail that can make the price vary is the water resistance.

The quality of the golf bag

The quality of the golf bag is one of the most important things. You must choose a golf bag that lasts for a long time, especially if you play golf regularly. 

As long as you choose one from a brand specializing in golf equipment, most golf bags are of high quality. However, double-check the product information for the golf bag you are interested in buying before you buy it.


Several brands specialize in manufacturing high-quality golf equipment. Which brand is best, however, is difficult to answer. Golfers have different opinions. 

Callaway is one of the brands that can be described as one of the most popular, but it is far from the only one. 

The important thing to keep in mind when looking at the different brands is to see how their products are made, what materials are used, and whether they are ethical in what they produce. However, only you can decide if a brand suits you.

two golf bag

Different Types of Golf Bags

The Carrying Bag is the model on golf bags that fits everyone who does not use a stroller. This is a little smaller in size compared to other alternatives. However, there are still dividers on offer that ensure that you get a place with all your golf clubs. 

They also offer several pockets where you can store everything you need. The bag is specially optimized for carrying. It, therefore, comes with a sling that rests on the shoulders. For this model to stand stably on the ground, it has two fold-out legs.

A Trolley bag is the largest option you can choose when looking for a golf bag. These models ensure that you can fit everything. In most cases, the model has dividers for your clubs, large pockets, and other compartments adapted to different objects, such as a mobile phone pocket or a value pocket. 

These models are adapted to fit a golf cart. It is recommended that you only choose a model like this if you have access to a stroller as they can be very awkward to carry from hole to hole. There is usually a carrying strap available, but it is often uncomfortable and not very ergonomic. However, this bag is perfect for anyone who is happy to bring all their equipment plus a little more.

A Pencil bag is the smallest option when it comes to golf bags. This type of model is an excellent alternative for you who are looking for a very light bag and do not have to carry all the clubs and other equipment. 

A Pencil bag usually has one compartment that is a little larger than its others and a smaller compartment where you can store pegs, balls, and the like. The biggest reason people choose this model of golf bag is because it is so easy to store.

Departments at the Top of the Golf Bag

The top of golf bags can look different depending on which manufacturer is behind the bag. But at the same time, there are several standards that most people choose to adhere to.

The 14-piece top is the most popular when it comes to the largest makers. Both carry bags and Trolley bags. This means that each golf club has its own compartment. Some golf bags have 15 parts, with an extra compartment where you can store umbrellas, sight sticks, or the like. The 14-split top is, however, the obvious choice for anyone who wants order among their clubs.

The 4-piece top is typical to encounter with smaller golf bags, including the pencil and carrying models. Should you be one of those golfers who does not take it all seriously (is there such a person?), this is a good option. 

This is also a good option if you only own a few clubs and do not need an extensive number of compartments.

Full-length dividers mean that each part for clubs at the top of the bag has a fabric partition between them. This prevents the golf clubs from tangling when you take one out or put one in your golf bag. The models that do not have a full-length divider can lead to you getting out more clubs than you wanted.

Waterproof or Water-Repellent Golf Bag

An important thing to consider before buying a golf bag is whether you want a water-repellent one or one that is entirely waterproof. 

Even if you do not intend to play golf in the rain, it can be good that your golf bag is water-repellent. The weather can change quickly, and you may not have time to miss the rain altogether.

An entirely waterproof golf bag should withstand heavy rainfall and ensure that all your spare clothes and equipment are kept completely dry. This type of golf bag always has taped seams and waterproof zippers. What you should know is that a waterproof golf bag can cost a little more compared to others, but in most cases, it’s worth it.

A water-repellent golf bag usually manages to stay relatively dry in faster rain showers and lighter drizzle. The fabric used for these golf bags repels the water very well. What can be a problem is that the zippers are not waterproof and the seams are not taped.

Top 3 Best Golf Bags 2020

Org 14 is one of Callaway’s most popular golf bags. It is a trolley bag with 14 pockets. Eleven of these are relatively large, there is a separate pocket on the back for the electric trolley battery, a pocket on the front for a laser meter, and a velour-lined pocket where you can store your valuables.

All pockets are easily accessible, and the bag is designed to sit parallel to the ground, which means that the club grips sit very evenly.

This golf bag is made of durable nylon, which is a big plus for you who are persistent golfers.

In addition to the durable material, stylish design and all pockets, this golf bag has an integrated handle and a full-length divider. There is also a separate compartment on the front of the bag where you can store your putter. Last but not least, there is a custom top where you can keep the shorter clubs.

  • Weighs about 8.3 pounds
  • Available in several color options.
  • 14 compartments.
  • According to customer reviews, some pockets can be difficult to close if you only have one hand available.

This golf stand bag from Mizuno is one of the brand’s alternatives with the largest space and the most pockets. The bag has 12 compartments and pockets where you can store everything you could possibly need on a round of golf. 

The 420D waterproof and durable nylon material makes it an ideal companion to the all-weather golfer.

The bag also offers a stylish design; there are practical handles and buckles. There’s a cushioned hip pad and an insulated drinks pouch, which can come in handy. In fact t it offers everything a real golfer can need—a large number of pockets, practical details, and excellent for you who drive a golf cart.

  • Insulated drinks pouch
  • 420D waterproof and durable nylon construction
  • Weight of only 4.6 pounds
  • 12 pockets.
  • Customers dislike that the Insulated pocket is open and small.

This is the perfect golf bag for you who are looking for an easy alternative. It weighs just over 3 pounds. Callaway’s goal with this golf bag was to remove all unnecessary weight without sacrificing durability. 

The bag may not offer as many features as the other options we listed, but if you are a golfer who likes to walk between the holes, this is an excellent option.

The golf bag offers, among other things, four pockets, one for your valuables, one for golf balls, a pocket for extra clothes, and a small opening where you can store your mobile phone. This model of golf bag has also been made with a material that is said to be 25 percent more durable than previous models. The zippers have also received a real update. The bag is stable, which makes it easy for you to stand it on the course.

  • Larger zippers compared to other golf bags.
  • 4-way top with a divider.
  • Available in different colors.
  • This golf bag does not offer many pockets.


It is not uncommon to have questions about golf bags before making a purchase. Because of this, we have collected the most common questions that usually arise and answered them. Therefore, take a look at these in case you have any thoughts. Your question may have already been answered, which means that you do not have to look further.

1. What is the best golf bag?

The best golf bag is the one that suits you and your golf game. If you are a person who likes to play golf in all different weather, it is recommended that you look for a trolley bag or a waterproof carrying bag. However, these work just as well for anyone who only plays when the weather allows. If you have a golf cart on the course, it is primarily a cart bag you should look for because it is more adapted to being placed on the cart.

If you prefer to carry your golf bag, it is a carrying bag you should look for. These are also easier to fit in the car.

2. Carrying bag or trolley bag?

The trolley bag is, in most cases, a little bigger and heavier compared to a carrying bag. They are also adapted to sit on carriages. If you are sure that you will use a cart when you go out on the golf course, you should look at which cart bag is best. They also hold more things, which means you can pack extra clothes and such. 

A carrying bag, on the other hand, is much easier to handle. It can also be put on a golf cart but is not adapted to the cart in the same way as a cart bag. It is adapted to make it easier for you to wear, just as the name suggests.


A good golf bag can make your round of golf much more comfortable. With the right kind of bag, you will more readily take everything you need with you. 

Do you like to play golf in all kinds of weather? Then just look for a waterproof golf bag. However, if you avoid playing golf in the rain, then you can do with a “regular” golf bag or a water repellent. 

You should keep in mind how much equipment you need space for, if you will be using a golf cart and how big a budget you have.

As long as you know ​​what your golf bag should offer, it will not be complicated to find the best option for you. We hope that our quick golf best bag reviews have helped you find the best product for you. Should you wish to look further, read through our buying guide and the FAQs to make your search for a golf bag a little easier. 

The information there can help you along the way.



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