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Many beginners have difficulty understanding how a golf ball can be crucial to how good the game will be. All balls are the same, right? No, they really aren’t, and it can differ incredibly between the different models and brands. 

If we look at the balls that professional players use, it is mainly tour balls in focus. These balls are known to be easy to control and spin a lot, which is a big advantage. Today, Titleist Pro V1 is still considered one of the world’s best balls, and therefore, it has a conspicuous place in our list. However, it is pipped to number one by the Callaway SuperSoft

Here’s a quick look at all our picks of the best golf balls in 2021.

Important to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Golf Ball


Important to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Golf Ball

So you are looking for perfect golf balls. Then we recommend that you first read through our complete buying guide. 

The range of golf balls is huge, and even for the advanced player, it can be tricky to know which ball to play with. 

Although it may sound complicated, it is actually quite simple, but you need to understand the different categories into which the balls are divided. Although golf balls may seem similar, they can behave very differently. For example, how much they spin.

To find the best golf ball for you, first, think about the strengths and weaknesses of your game. Maybe you’re having trouble stopping the ball at the green? Then it may be a good idea to bet on a ball with a lot of spin.

If you tend to slice or hook, an expert may recommend a ball with less spin. In the vast majority of cases, it is essential to try the balls out, as, unfortunately, we can not point to a model and say that it suits everyone. The goal of your new golf balls should be that you enjoy them!

Although it may feel fun to try new golf balls at regular intervals, we recommend that you continue to play the same golf ball. 

By that, we do not mean that you can not change the ball or look around for new brands, but that you should simply stick to the same category. 

This way, you will learn how your balls fly, and it allows you to develop your game much more because you do not have to think about how the ball should behave.

Price of Golf Balls

How much you will have to pay for your golf ball depends on several different factors. First, the choice of “type” will be important, but the manufacturer behind the ball is also decisive for the price. If you are looking for the best golf balls on the market, you can count on a cost of around 40-50 dollars a dozen. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, you can find golf balls for around 15-20 dollars a dozen.

Today, it is common to want to invest in the best and most popular products in golf. We understand that it can be tempting, especially if they are considered very good for the game. However, paying out 50 dollars a dozen for golf balls can sting in many people’s pockets. 


Quality is important for you to get as much out of your golf balls as possible. We recommend that you choose balls from a reputable manufacturer to be able to ensure this, even if it means that you have to pay a little more.

Which brand you buy is up to you to decide. For many low handicappers, the brand choice can be significant, as it can be crucial to how high quality the golf balls are and how good their game is. 

A quality ball well suited to a player can, after practice, help reduce the handicap of less skilled players too.

However, If you are a novice in the sport, it can be difficult to know which brand is best or simply which one to invest in. If you have a friend or acquaintance interested in golf nearby, it may be a good idea to consult them before making your choice.

Today, there are manufacturers of golf balls worldwide, but not everyone has managed to make a name for themselves. Some brands that have long been very popular and sought after include TItleist, Callaway Golf, TaylorMade, Bridgestone Golf, Srixon and Pinnacle. 

We will not go deeper into the different manufacturers and brands here, but if you are interested in knowing more, there is plenty of information online.

Now it’s time to look more closely at the golf balls we have selected as our best. We start with the test winner and then continue with other high-quality models.

Callaway is a brand that has made itself popular with golfers all over the world. We have chosen to list Callaway SuperSoft as our winner for the many features that the ball has.

The creators behind Callaway SuperSoft have made sure to use modern technology to create a product with as high a ball speed as possible that will carry the furthest distance your stroke can take it. Callaway SuperSoft also has fantastically high compression and a unique pattern. It is thanks to the HEX pattern on Callaway SuperSoft that the ball does not spin away quite as much as many other alternatives.

  • Designed with a HEX pattern
  • High ball speed
  • Comes from well-known manufacturers
  • Best suited for lower turning speeds

TItleist Pro V1 is the golf ball for those of you who want to use the same “tools” that the pros and seniors use. It has dominated the market since its release, which was in the fall of 2000. 

In many tour competitions around the world, it has proven superior when it comes to winning. 

The manufacturer works hard to come out with new versions with updated features. Titleist launched the latest version in 2019, and it is the design and quality that are crucial to the golf ball’s performance. 

In the manufacturing process, they have really thought about everything from spin, length and trajectory properties.

  • Suitable for players of all levels
  • High quality and design that increases performance
  • Developed together with tour players.

  • Not suitable for those who want lower spin.

In third place, you will find none other than Callaway Chrome Soft. Callaway was for a long time a brand that professional golfers did not particularly appreciate, but thanks to their Chrome Soft, they’ve managed to charm many golfers. Callaway Chrome Soft is a ball with a soft feel, and you get a real premium performance.

 If you compare their latest balls with yesterday’s Callaway Chrome Soft, you will see they have made sure to keep all the features that made it so lovable but with a bit of a twist. The dual-core has been retained, but the focus has turned to enlarging the core and using a hybrid multi-material cover designed for speed and low spin. 

  • Soft core
  • Delivers more length from the tee
  • Available in several colors.
  • Suitable mainly for medium and low handicaps

With the Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS – Tiger Woods Edition, you can play like a pro yourself, at least after some practice! These golf balls have been designed with a completely new and REACTIV urethane cover and a much softer feel. 

This can give you a real competitive advantage. They will fit a fast swing golfer and provide maximum green-side spin. You can find Tiger Woods’s name on the balls, and the reason for this is because he uses them himself.

  • REACTIV urethane cover.
  • Dual Dimple technology.
  • Fast ball performance.
  • Developed for players with a swing over 105mph.

FAQs About Golf Balls

1. What Categories Can Golf Balls Be Divided Into?

There are several different categories that golf balls can be divided into. You will find, among other things, extra soft premium balls, premium balls, tour balls, extra soft tour balls and middle class balls.

2. Which Ball Should I Choose?

Here you have to look at your needs and what type of player you are. There are lots of different golf balls to choose from and they all have different characteristics.

3. Can I Buy Golf Balls Online?

Yes! The truth is that you get access to a larger selection and lower prices online.


Choosing golf balls is not as easy as it may sound, and there are many things that you need to keep in mind. It is important to find a golf ball that is suitable for your type of play. Hopefully, with our golf ball buying guide, you got lots of good information to make the decision process easier. 

Our winner was none other than Callaway SuperSoft and the reason for this is the high ball speed and that it is suitable for all different types of players. We recommend that you read about the different categories that golf balls can be divided into, to know which one suits you best.



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